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Media is...a force. It can inspire unity or conjure darkness. It can catalyze progress or entertain idle fancy. Today, we see too much of the latter and not enough of the former. We created One Planet Media for the betterment of humanity. This is why we exist.

If you have the privilege to create, then only create for the betterment of humanity.

—Payam Zamani, FOUNDER & CEO

Media Production

We are creators, innovators, editors and writers, passionate about telling the stories humanity needs. In a sea of content that degrades the spirit of mankind, we seek to uplift.

Media Partners

We are on the hunt for collaborators and professionals who share our vision and have active projects in the pipeline. If your content bridges divides and advances humanity, we want to help bring your work to life.

Media Marketing

It’s not enough to create; you need to disseminate. This is one of our forte’s —full-stack digital marketing. From audience building to engagement, from ad campaign optimization to omni delivery systems, we make sure media is widely distributed and seen.

Media Business

We are an entity of the One Planet Group. For over 20 years, we have owned and operated companies. Our business savvy allows us to sustainably run One Planet Media and support meaningful media projects.


Here Comes Love

"Here Comes Love” is a music video using documentary footage from social justice marches in 2020. The lyrics pay tribute to many of our Civil Rights era heroes.


Omid Djalili Project

Life during pandemic is no match for the comedy and commentary of Omid Djalili. Join us in a new series where comedians tackle some pretty deep themes...from their homes.


Seals & Crofts

Seals and Crofts, the soft rock duo legends, wrote music inspired by a spiritual revolution. This is the documentary honoring their life, their work and their message.

COMING SOONseals and crofts documentary

The Mission of One Planet Media

The world struggles to overcome many challenges - racism, nationalism, climate change, fierce partisanship, and gender inequities, to name a few - and solving these problems will require more than enacting laws.It’ll require a change of hearts and a collective spiritual transformation in order for us to see each other as noble beings worthy of freedom, respect, empathy, and care. 

Our goal with One Planet Media is to produce content that matters in the hopes of having people see the peace and harmony possible for humanity. We are not experiencing existence in isolation, separate from each other. It is through love and genuine interest in the wellbeing of all that we are able to share a joyful existence and prosper together. 

At One Planet Media, we recognize that content and media have a major role to play in how we see and treat one another. It is our commitment that our content will be purposeful and designed to have a positive impact with the hope of making the world a better place.

— Payam Zamani, founder & CEO, One Planet Media

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