“Here Comes Love” is a music video using documentary footage from social justice marches in 2020. The lyrics pay tribute to the many of the Civil Rights era heroes that we should remember in the struggle for racial equality and the persistence that we need to eradicate racism from the fabric of our society. These heroes send "love from the world above” - and with that love, we hope to one day soon see acceptance that we are all One Humanity.

[W]e must all strive with heart and soul until we have the reality of unity in our midst.

—Baha'i writings
Producers: One Planet Media & Jack Lenz
Director: Elijah Marchand
Composer: Jack Lenz
Written by: Jack Lenz & Mark Masri
Edited by: Elijah Marchand
Visual Effects: Habib Zargarpour & Setareh Samandari
Vocals: Amoy Brown & Mark Masri

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